How Yoga Can Help Beyond The Mat

Yoga is not just about stretching and exercising, it's also about encouraging harmony and tranquility. While yoga can provide many benefits to the body's strength, flexibility, and balance, there are many benefits from yoga that are often understated.

Here are just some of the ways yoga helps beyond the mat:

Heal Body & Mind

The combined effect of asanas (postures), conscious breathing, and visualization serve as therapy to reduce both physical and emotional pain. Yoga has been shown to have a positive impact on physical health, including, but not limited to: improved cardiovascular health, increased blood flow, improved bone health, lowered blood pressure, and increased immunity.

Reduces Stress

Many studies have found that just 20 minutes of yoga a day can minimize stress. Yoga combines several relaxing techniques used for stress reduction: conscious breathing, stretching, asanas, visualization, and meditation. Through these techniques, we are able to shift the balance from the sympathetic nervous system, basically our fight or flight response, to the parasympathetic nervous system, which is more calming and restorative.

Focus More

Deadlines, endless meetings, and the inherent chaos of the workplace can create mental clutter that prevents your from focusing on your tasks. Practicing yoga, even in the office can help you be more mindful, alert, and focused.

Teach Discipline

Yoga teaches us discipline, self-control, and commitment to our body and our health. The practice can be challenging that requires a physical and mental commitment, but consistent practice will make the body stronger, build stamina, and improve cognitive function.

downward dog
Yoga can help tremendously beyond the mat.