5 Ways To Empower Women For International Women’S Day

March 8th is International Women's Day - a day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. This year’s theme of Be Bold for Change has inspired us to explore ways to support and inspire women, both on a local and global level.

At Amari, we believe that empowering others is contagious. So for International Women’s Day, we are encouraging you to spend the day empowering the women around you.

For starters, here are five easy ways to empower women in your community:

Attend an International Women’s Day Event

Around the world, people will be celebrating women’s accomplishments and rallying for change. If you want to participate, use the International Women’s Day Event Calendar to find a local event and be a pioneer for change.

Stop Judging

The reality is that the more we judge ourselves, the more harshly we’ll judge others. Regardless of how trivial or harmless as they may seem, judgments foster hostility and spread negativity. Instead, focus on radiating positivity - it will be returned by others.

Avoid Criticizing

Criticism has the opposite effect of encouragement. When you send negative thoughts and negative energy to someone else, you are causing them pain - even if you had their best interest at heart. Criticism has a powerful effect of shaking another person’s confidence and self-esteem.

Lift Others

We all have the ability to empower others by giving praise and encouragement. We all face challenges when it comes to confidence and self-doubt, and to have someone say “I believe in you” can be incredibly uplifting.

Give Back

We all have resources, contacts, opportunities, and experiences that we can share. Set a positive example for women to give back. You can participate in local food drives, donate to a charity that supports women, or volunteer to teach or mentor young girls.

If you want to take additional action, the International Women’s Day resource page can provide you with more information. And cheers to empowered women around the world!

Celebrate International Women's Day empowering women around you.
Celebrate International Women's Day empowering women around you.