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Ancient Wisdom For The Modern Woman

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Wherever struggle lies for you (perfectionism, time scarcity, anxiety, fear), one thing is certain, we all experience it. Living in a fast-paced society, where social media reigns Queen*, we do well to remind ourselves of this daily: No one’s life is perfect. I’m someone who struggled for YEARS with severe anxiety and control issues, and at one point began seeing a therapist for over a year, in attempt to remedy troubles that had triggered insomnia. It wasn’t until I stepped onto a yoga mat for the first time (as a way to avoid weight gain over the holidays!) that I began to experience a bliss unlike any I’d ever known.

My mind-chatter ceased and I was entirely in my body.

As the years went on, I became more mystified with exactly WHAT it was about yoga that helped me so immensely, and made me feel more whole, balanced and connected with myself than ever before. A few years later, I began studying Astrology, and it all fell into place. Yoga helped me in areas my energetic makeup was lacking, or unfulfilled (Fire and Earth). Allow me to explain:

We have 4 basic Elements on our planet: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Each have their own qualities and energetic makeup; personalities, if you will. We feel our most balanced when we feel rooted (Earth) in our bodies and the world around us, are free-flowing (Water) in our emotion, seek to find inspiration and passion (Fire), and are thinking and communicating (Air) with clarity.

If you crave more balance in your life, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do one of these elements give a sense of ethereal connection, whether in your Being or the world around you? Consider spending more time with it.
    • Do any of these elements give rise to fear or discomfort in you? That’s a great jumping off point! It’s usually that which make us uncomfortable that we need most in our lives!
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      Britt Lynn is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Prenatal Yoga. A lover of spiritual practice, Britt has devoted much of her time to various social media platforms in which she communicates on spiritual expansion, personal development and growth. Britt is an enthusiastic Taurus/Gemini cusp who seeks authentic connection with those interested in cultivating greater alignment with their own work and purpose. She facilitates Moon Ceremony, Wellness Workshops and Sacred Sister Circle’s regularly.