Healthy Habits Around The Clock

posted by Guest Blogger: Chinedum Emelumba @allofchichi

Chi Chi

Hey Fit Fam!

So, I've always been VERY active growing up, I mean I played basketball, running and swimming. But, even at that, there are some days where I get EXTREMELY lazy and I make up the craziest excuses in my head as to why I should skip the gym for the day and do it "tomorrow". Now, you all know that sometimes "tomorrow" turns into "next week", and "next week" sometimes turns into next month, right? Let's be real! It's perfectly normal to have off days - the important thing is that you don't let it overtake you. You have to pick yourself up the next day and keep it pushing!

That's why I wanted to share some tips that I find to be SO helpful for me when I'm navigating through my day!

1. Cook Your Meals (In Advance)

- It saves you time, stress, trouble and money. Plus, you can actually keep track of what is actually going into the food that you eat because you're the cook!

2. Lay out your Workout Clothes, the Night Before

- Laying out your workout clothes on your dresser or on your bed the night before can be so extremely motivating and helpful, especially when you roll over and attempt to hit the snooze button in the morning.

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3. Carry Cute + Smart Water Bottles

- This definutely motivates me to drink more water. Just last week, I was reading an interesting article that said that in order to determine how much your water that you should consume per day, you should first know your body weight, and then multiply your bodyweight (lbs, pounds) by 2/3 (or 67%).

4. Walk EVERY and ANY where

- I remember one day that I was traveling to my fiancee's house to meet up with him and since he lives about 25 minutes away from me, I decided to take an UBER drive to the train station in his town (15min) and the walk to his house (10 min). When I got to his house, he looked at me for a minute, with such a confused look on his face and then he said, "wait, did you walk here?!" lol! He thought I was crazy for walking in the hot sun for 10 minutes when I could have easily gotten a ride or taken a taxi to his house and maybe I was crazy. But, I felt so rejuvenated afterwards and it was helpful to me because I skipped the gym that morning, so I got in a quick 10 min power walk from that. See how I did that? Haha.

5. Carry smart snacks

- - I always carry around my "go-to” snacks - almonds & cashews, grapes, granola bars, and even baby carrots. Not only do I not feel tempted to stop at the corner store and buy junk food, but I also am assured that I'm feeding myself healthy, nutritious foods, even while snacking!


6. Take your vitamins

- My mom actually made myself and my siblings start taking vitamins when we were 11, I think. So, after breakfast every morning, I would take 1 Fish Oil, 1 B-12 and 1 D-3 pill - all from a brand called Nature's Bounty. Fish Oil. Sometimes, based on what we eat throughout the day, we may not be getting enough Vitamin C (abundant in fruits & vegetables) - which helps our bodies in so many ways including collagen production (skin) + repairing and maintenance of bones and teeth. So, taking additional vitamins helps make sure that you're intaking an adequate amount.

7. Log off

- This is something that I'm definitely still working on as someone who is still working on building my brand. It can be a little unsettling having to log off of all your email and social media accounts, especially. I'm always thinking about what message I haven't ready and what email I haven’t answered. But, I'm just learning to power off of everything 2-3 hours before bedtime.

I hope that you lovely readers find this helpful. Keep pushing, keep setting goals for yourself and take your health and fitness journey one day at a time.

xo, Chi Chi