Tips On Staying Hydrated

posted by Guest Blogger Lauren G- @bodybylauren

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Influencer @bodybylauren weighs in on how to stay hydrated

With warmer weather approaching, it’s important to stay hydrated. During high intensity workouts and hot yoga classes, it is crucial for both higher peak performance and continued health. Salts in your body, known as electrolytes, are ionic compounds that, in water, break down into positive and negative charges to help conduct electrical activities in your body. These activities are essential for muscle coordination, heart function, fluid absorption and excretion and nerve function.

Follow these steps to minimize the debilitating effects of dehydration during exercise:

1. Drink liquid early. Take in 16 oz. of fluid 2 hours before exercise.

2. Drink liquid often. Take in about 5 to 8 oz. every 15 to 20 minutes; this gives your body a chance to absorb a constant flow of liquid.

3. Add electrolytes to your liquids, especially when exercising more than 1 hour. Try Emergen-C and coconut water.

4. Keep the liquids within 60 to 70 degrees for easier absorption.

5. Keep drinks accessible when exercising. Store all fluids in easy-to-use containers.

6. Drink after working out to compensate for the fluid your body loses during exercise.

Try to drink liquids before you feel thirsty(at which point your body is about 2% dehydrated). For peak muscle performance and greater energy in your workouts, drink early and often.

Drink enough liquid to replace the water weight your body loses during a workout.

One of my favorite ways to make sure I stay hydrated throughout the day is to carry a large water bottle with me. I find that if I have the water with me, I will drink it. Make the time in the morning to fill up a water bottle or two before you head out the door.

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