The Secret To Finding Balance In This Life

posted by Guest Blogger Veena @veenacrownholm

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Influencer @Veenacrownholm shares some insight on how she finds balance in this life

I am going to let you in on a little secret…there is NO secret to finding balance in life and here is why. Let’s start with defining balance…one might define it by never over working, always making time for health & self care as well as being present for your most important relationships in life, being able to cook a healthy meal every night and sleeping 8 hours a night. This sounds like a dream; however, life throws a daily curveball and one must have the ability to adjust to the imbalances of the day without feeling guilt for prioritizing one portion of your life over another. I believe that instead of striving for life balance, it may be more attainable to focus on mind body and soul fulfillment.

Here are some of my favorite ways to try to keep my mind, body and soul in balance:

1. Getting my endorphins on: As a busy woman and mom getting exercise in can be difficult. Exercise can be 45 min gym workout, class or it could be a short walk around the block. Sometimes if I can’t even fit in a short walk, it may be parking a little farther from the grocery store or school pick up just to get some fresh air in and get my body moving.

2.Do one thing that brings you joy every day: For me this is having a cup of coffee at the beginning of my day and/or listening to my favorite podcasts in the car

3.Unplug: Unplug from your device even if it is just for a minute to reset and recharge

4.Smile: Smile is shown to change your outlook on your day and life

5. Be kind to yourself