2 Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

posted by Guest Blogger Serena Nixon-@serenasweats

Hello Amari Friends! I’m Serena and I am dropping by the Amari blog to show you two toning exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime.

You can always make these moves more advanced, and you can create hundreds of workout variations to tone up this Summer. Whether you are trapped indoors by a heat wave, or if you’re on vacation with little access to a gym, these are sure to make you feel the burn!



Lunges are one of my personal favorite exercises because they target your booty!

  • Starting with your feet together, take one step forward and creating a 90-degree angle with each of your legs
  • Let your bodyweight sink into the heel of your front foot
  • Push off your heel to bring the legs back to a standing position (You can either walk your back leg forward, or your front leg back to where it started!)
  • For an extra challenge, add pulses, add a kickback, or make them jumping lunges!

    Mountain Climbers


    Mountain climbers are great for targeting the core, but they also work your shoulders, triceps, and chest!

  • Start in a push-up position with your arms extended directly in line with your shoulders
  • Bring one knee into your chest while keeping your back as flat as possible
  • Alternate legs for as long as you’d like!
    • The trick with mountain climbers is form. The closer you bring your knee into your chest, the more your ab muscles contract. But, it’s also important not to do these too fast, or your back alignment can get a little wonky!

      Happy toning! xx