Five Ways To Prep For Your First Spin Class

posted by Guest Blogger Crystal @cyjohnston88

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The thought of trying something new can certainly be intimidating, especially when it comes to high intensity cardio like indoor cycling. Some assume you already have to be at a high fitness level to endure a 45 minute ride on a bike that goes nowhere, but that is a common misconception. Just like yoga or barre, you have to start somewhere as a beginner for any fitness class. Beginners are always welcome to spin classes and to help you feel less overwhelmed, I’m going to share 5 tips on how to prepare for your first spin class…

1. Arrive early to get set up on your bike – I would recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early before the start of class to get properly setup on a bike with help from studio staff or instructor. Proper bike setup can make or break your spin experience, so give yourself enough time to get adjusted and feel comfortable on your bike before class begins. Make sure to mention any history of injuries so they can customize your set up to alleviate any pain or strain.

2. Hydrate – make sure you’re well hydrated before, during, and after class. And if you need to take a swig during a song, take it! It’s important to listen to your body and fuel it when needed. As you take more classes and your ride progresses, hydrate between songs to test your endurance.

3. Go at your own pace – At Rush Cycle, we ride to the beat of the music and you are guided in class through resistance and speed. The most important part is to stay on the beat but if you need to lower the gear to keep pace, then do it. What we recommend as instructors is a guide, not a requirement.

4. Stretch – I will guarantee that your legs and booty will feel sore the next day! Be sure to take time after class to do some extra stretching. My go-to stretches are the figure 4 stretch for the glutes, quad stretch for the quads (duh…), and child’s pose to help open the hips.

5. HAVE FUN – We call it a dance party on a bike for a reason! We stress ourselves out trying to look or perform a certain way. Just go into class with an open mind and have a great time riding to epic music all while burning major calories. And once you let go of your inhibitions and have fun, it feels less like a work out. So let loose, girl!

I hope this guide helps you feel less intimidated and more empowered to take on your first spin class! I tell my riders all the time that they are stronger than they think and to always be willing to take a chance because they are worth it.

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