Alexandra Suppan

Alexandra Suppan

Denver, CO
Menswear Stylist, Fitness Lover

I am a Vermont native, but have lived in Colorado for 8 years

Fashion and Fitness are my life! If I'm not in the gym inspiring women and their bodies, I'm dressing men and inspiring them to shoot for their dreams while feeling confident in what they're wearing, in my role as a Menswear stylist for a custom company called Trumaker.

I was a Division 1 swimmer for the University of Denver, but now I am all about doing any activity I can get my hands on. Yoga, running, hiking, tennis, lifting, HITT, you name it and I'm there.

After struggling with my body image for a few years and gaining a lot of weight when I stopped swimming, I have chosen a healthier lifestyle outside of the gym as well as in it and am now so happy in my own skin!

I absolutely love to watch other women start their fitness journey and love motivating and inspiring them daily. I want to show the world how living a healthy lifestyle impacts every single part of your life! Social media is newer to me with my fitness, but I cannot wait to see how many women I can inspire!

Top: Aura Bra Bottom: Chakra Capris