Britt Lynn

Britt Lynn

Las Vegas, NV
Yoga Instructor & Blogger

Hello Beautiful People!

My name is Brittani, born and raised Las Vegas native. I'm a lover of astrology (Taurus/Gemini cusp!), yoga, crystals (all kinds of spiritual practice, really!), and firm believer in normalizing vulnerability. Liberating and encouraging others to get curious in discovering their souls' purpose is where I'm feeling super inspired, right now.

Finding meaning in everything and exploring synchronicities is my jam.

I come from a past of severe anxiety, complete lack of self-confidence/self-worth, and had my life completely shattered when I discovered that I was experiencing was an identity crisis. The practice of yoga has completely transformed my life in so many ways. It's helped me reconnect with myself and shed so much that I was holding onto from my past. So many believe that yoga and "knowing yourself" is very "woo woo/hippie talk", and I'm trying to change that. I believe that knowing and loving our Selves is a baseline nature for all of us.

I'm now certified in a method of yoga that is equal parts mindful movement + inquiry + alignment, SmartFLOW, and am working on completing my 500RYT. I specialize in teaching pre/postnatal yoga.

Hope to connect!
Embrace The Journey

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