Camille Fiducia

Camille Fiducia

Salt Lake City, UT
Model & Yoga / Barre Teacher

Currently, my home is where I park it! I remodeled a camper van to fit my lifestyle of constant travel. When I'm not working, I like to move my home on wheels to wherever I feel like climbing or enjoying the outdoors!

For me, the first step to feeling empowered and independent was finding success in my career. Being able to take care of yourself (especially if you can do it while doing what you love) is such an important part of learning to stand comfortably in your own shoes!

My next step in becoming empowered, and also empowering others, has been in the mountains. In the climbing community, I think many of us girls were introduced to the sport by men, and sometimes we still rely on them to be our guides when it comes to the wilderness. Honestly, it can be really scary to go into the unknown, (especially if it involves difficult or dangerous conditions) and trust yourself enough to know that YOU have the strength and training to handle whatever may come your way. This is why knowledge and training are the best tools any girl can give herself! That’s true for anything you’re trying to accomplish, really. Study your objectives, train effectively, and trust yourself… You got this, girl.

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