Kennedy Taylor

Kennedy Taylor

Washington D.C.
NFL Cheerleader and Barre Instructor

Hey loves!

My name is Kennedy Taylor and if anyone knows about being busy, it’s me. As a blogger, NFL Cheerleader, full-time Economics student, retail employee, and barre instructor, using my time wisely is so important. I find taking care of my physical well being is just as important as my spiritual. Thus, working out at least 4 times a week is a must and my favorite method is with Pure Barre! Since I’m always on the go, I need clothing that can easily go from the gym to class. For me, Amari Activewear does just that.

Balancing is just a part of life. Feel free to check out my blog for tips and tricks on how I make it through this crazy but exciting thing called life! We can do it together.

See you there!



Top: Ginza Tank Bottom: Juno Legging