Misty Jame

Misty Jame

Long Beach, CA
Mother, Yoga Instructor & Blogger

I am a Mother-
My most loved role, my biggest dream come true, my guidance, my teacher, my life.

I am a Woman-
Striving to keep my individual self nourished, passion-filled, and growing everyday. Valuing individual growth as much as I value my children's growth. Striving to never stop learning, excited to grow with my children forever.

I am Passionate-
about teaching yoga and empowering others to live a healthy lifestyle. About connecting and sharing my experience and knowledge as a Mother through my writing at Instinctive Motherhood.

I am a Naturalist-
I believe in instinct, I follow my inner knowledge, I listen and learn continuously and consciously from instinct, from my body, from my dreams, and from the actions that naturally occur without research or thought. Nature, yoga, the outdoors, the ocean crashing, spirituality, and the natural foods I intake, are all my most valued staples of life.